Unknown “publishing” discoveries

So, it’s funny. I recently discovered from one of my past clients that a photo I took at their wedding was featured on the Huffington Post on behalf of Bridal Guide. I had no idea! And it’s been up since late 2014! Sheesh. You have to love the age of the internet where everything is so accessible. I know they found the image on Pinterest and I’m so flattered they thought to include it out of the millions of photos out there. So, without further ado, here it is! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/21/first-look-photo_n_5565444.html. Oh, and it’s #23, in case it doesn’t take you right there.

I think it’s pretty exciting. And I’m so happy they gave me proper credit. It just would have been nice for them to tell me so I could brag about it! Ha ha. I’m so glad Kelli told me so I could see it!

Happy Monday!

Hooray for fall!

It’s October 1st and I feel the change in the air from summer to the crispness of fall and it inspires and energizes me. I love all the seasons for various reasons but fall is definitely one of my favorites. It’s also a busy time of year for me but soon I’ll be able to enjoy my off season, spending time with my family and friends and enjoying the holidays.

This time of year is when I do most of my cooking and baking. I am usually too busy during the spring and summer. Today, I kicked off the fall season with my first soup of the season! I love soups and am one of those people who make stuff from “scratch” as much as possible. So for me, finding a leftover ham bone in the freezer means making ham stock and then creating a yummy soup from it! I decided on a new recipe today and thought I would share it with you here.

I’ll enjoy the last couple of weeks of being able to open my house up during the day and enjoying the fall air. I hope you all do too! I’ll leave you with a photo that encompasses the feeling fall brings!


New signature USB packaging

As technology continually advances and my clients are buying computers without DVD drives, my delivery of image files has to change with the times. I’ve always loved my custom keepsake DVDs that I have provided my clients in the past. I still offer these to clients that prefer a DVD but now you have a choice as to how you’d like your photos delivered.

I am pleased to present to you, the imprinted signature wood box! It holds you USB, print release and 100 4×6 unmounted proof prints. This particular USB box is included in wedding packages and upper senior photo packages. I have a smaller wood USB box available for smaller portrait packages.

The simple and elegant wood signature USB box

Wood burned lid and interior compartments


Bamboo and metal swivel imprinted USB

I strive to bring the highest quality service, product and over-all experience to my clients! I hope you enjoy what I can offer you!

A little Wednesday “About me” post

You may not know but I am a total dog lover. The year my husband and I married, we rescued an 18 month old Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) that we named Blue. If you read a post from a couple of years ago, you’ll see how we gave him a ton of crazy nicknames. We had no idea what we were getting into when we adopted him! He came with a steamer trunk of baggage and neurosis but he was one of the best dogs I have ever known in my entire life. During the 10 1/2 years we had him, he did virtually everything with us from canoeing, four wheeling, road trips to Arizona, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, camping all over Colorado and his favorite, fishing. I have never met a dog who loved fishing as much as him. I even had to drag him out of the Poudre River a couple times when he got a little too curious about a fish one of us had hooked. He also “snorkled” the water with his nose.

Blue at the Poudre River

Blue concentrating on fishing at the Poudre River

Last June, at the age of 12, Blue was diagnosed with bladder cancer and we were told there truly wasn’t anything we could do but just enjoy the time we had with him. We didn’t have any idea how long that time would be. We made sure he got to go on as many trips as we could take and even though he couldn’t hike with us anymore, he was still just as enthusiastic about fishing as he always had been. Fall rolled around we decided to have our family photos taken while he was still with us. My friend, Emily, did a beautiful job of capturing us all, including the spirit of Blue. I’m so incredibly grateful that we had these images done because two weeks later, Blue lost his battle with cancer.

Blue, two weeks before he passed

It was a blessing and a tragedy when we lost him and it affected us all deeply. He was definitely a beloved member of our family. It makes me smile to think of him and his goofy personality and I will never forget him.

Almost two months later, I couldn’t stand that I no longer had a dog in the house. I often edit photos on the couch and he would always lie on his pillow near my feet and snooze. It was just nice having him there. People told me they thought it was too soon for me to get another dog but I was determined and knew I was ready. I wanted another Sheltie because I just love their personalities, size and general cute-ness.

It took me some time and I didn’t have luck finding any rescue candidates in CO but I found a dog who had been purchased for show but then got too big and then was a breeding dog who had a difficult time delivering so the owner decided to retire her at the ripe old age of 3 and sell her as a pet. Her loss, my gain! So yes, I drove to Minnesota with my mom and picked up my newest member to my family, Gypsy.

Gypsy in her new back yard

She’s so incredibly different than Blue but I know I will love her just as fiercely as I did Blue but for different reasons. She comes from a better, more well adjusted background than Blue did but she comes with a whole other set of issues……she has never seen or experienced anything in her life. She lived in a large kennel with other dogs and had only a few humans to interact with and was never in a house. She is scared of EVERYTHING and I swear is Agoraphobic! She is a diamond in the rough and I know with a little patience and a lot of love, she will come around to be more amazing than she already is. She is the most beautiful Sheltie I have seen!

I know I am in good company with my love for my dogs. My clients often seem to be the ones that include them in their weddings, or at the very least, their engagement photos. If you want to share your dog stories or photos with me, I would welcome them!

Hillside Studios presents: The luxurious Queensberry Duo album!

From my first year as a wedding photographer, I drooled over the Queensberry Duo album. At the time, it didn’t fit within my branding or with the product I was offering so it didn’t make sense for me to invest in a sample or to try and sell it to my clients. Since then, my business has grown and become more of a boutique experience, offering your beautiful images on equally beautiful products. That being said, I have done away with offering albums that are similar to the ones my clients might make themselves. It’s your wedding. It is a once in a lifetime experience and should be treated as such.

So, along with the Leather Craftsmen and Graphistudio albums that I offer, here is the Queensberry Duo out of New Zealand. It is the most unique and luxurious of all the albums that I have found in the industry. From the moment it arrived on my doorstep, I was giddy in anticipation! I was not disappointed. The presentation of this album is stellar.

The Queensberry velvet bag and care instructions.

The beautifully printed ribbon of the velvet bag.


The Queensberry Duo in Blueberry contemporary leather with name imprinting, 10×7 album with 40 pages.

The pages are matted in ivory and are thick and have the texture of watercolor paper. Very weighty and feels amazing in the hand. This book is heavy!

The vellum introduction page.

The Duo is Queensberry’s signature album and its uniqueness lies in the way it is made and its wonderful features. It is a fusion of the modern Flushmount style albums and the classic matted albums that have always been popular. Not only does it combine these two styles but it goes a step further and offers customizations to your pages that you can’t find anywhere else (that I am aware of). You can add “wing” and “flip-out” pages to add drama and interest, as well as to incorporate more images.

Here is a matted page in ivory.

The left side is a Flushmount page and the right is a matted page.

Here is an example of a fly out page. The far right page is hinged to fold out into a full spread.

Here is an example of a closed “flip out” page. The images on the right are on the outside of the flip pages.

Here is that same page with the flip pages opened.

The last page. It’s been printed as a Flushmount but has a matted edge.

I was telling my husband when I saw this album that if I didn’t already have a wedding album, this would be the one I would want! Truly, it is unique and beautiful and everything about it screams fine art to me and that appeals to my artist side. I know it’s probably not the album for everyone, nor does it fit every budget, but if you truly love the unique and hard to find, this album is it for you.

I am offering this album included within my Diamond package as it is above, with your own customizations of colors and printing. There are other customizations, such as different cover types, inset photos and page styles available as well and I’d be happy to show you what they are. Other sizes are also available for an additional cost.

For more information, contact kristi@hillside-studios.com.

Kristi Hill
Hillside Studios, LLC