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Unknown “publishing” discoveries

So, it’s funny. I recently discovered from one of my past clients that a photo I took at their wedding was featured on the Huffington Post on behalf of Bridal Guide. I had no idea! And it’s been up since late 2014! Sheesh. You have to love the age of the internet where everything is […]

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New signature USB packaging

As technology continually advances and my clients are buying computers without DVD drives, my delivery of image files has to change with the times. I’ve always loved my custom keepsake DVDs that I have provided my clients in the past. I still offer these to clients that prefer a DVD but now you have a […]

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Hillside Studios presents: The luxurious Queensberry Duo album!

From my first year as a wedding photographer, I drooled over the Queensberry Duo album. At the time, it didn’t fit within my branding or with the product I was offering so it didn’t make sense for me to invest in a sample or to try and sell it to my clients. Since then, my […]

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To Receive Or Not to Receive?

Receiving lines are an old tradition. They are a great way for the bride and groom, as well as their parents, to personally thank each guest for coming and sharing in the big day. But they also take up a large amount of time out of your day and can throw your schedule off track. […]

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What’s in a bridal suite?

I was sitting here editing some getting ready photos from a recent wedding and some thoughts occurred to me about the room you’re getting ready in on your wedding day. Oft times, the bride is given one of the most lavish and airy rooms in the venue but this is not always the case. When […]

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