The atmosphere that Kristi provides is very relaxed
and easy-going. She asked 
us questions throughout the whole experience and told us to take deep  breaths a lot. 
She is awesome!.

Laura & Ryan

Warm & Loving

Jessica & Andy

We interviewed a lot of
photographers that highlighted the "fashion forward" look and "glamour" shots. Kristi understood that 
we were looking for something more warm, loving and unique. You can tell that she is in love with her 
job and actually wants to be present on your big day. She’s not there to work, she’s there to celebrate with you.

thank you



We appreciate how down to earth Kristi is. We love her
eye for beautiful photos and capturing all the extra details of the day that we didn't think about originally. She was able
to put a story behind our photos. Kristi really takes to heart what you are looking
for and delivers exactly that.

Torrie & Derek

for time is what life is made up of.

don't waste time


- Bruce Lee

and pursue that flighty temptress adventure. 

step into the night

- J.K. Rowling

let us